AzureDevOpsPro Code of Conduct

Rules of Group

Welcome to the AzureDevOPs Pro Community Group! 🙏

We request all members to please stick to the following rules :

  1. Have a profile image
  2. Please be respectful to other members
  3. No Referral
  4. No spamming
  5. No advertising
  6. No bots e.g. payment, prize etc
  7. Links must be on-topic to the group
  8. No sharing of Copyrighted Material. We are very strict about this rule and will enforce it no matter what’s the reason is. We take this very seriously and you will be banned permanently.
  9. No request for Dump, Proxy, On the Job training, or any unethical request! We take ethics very seriously and you will be banned permanently.
  10. No self-promotion by posting random links. We appreciate your content links if the relevant query has been asked and if you are posting your content in response to that.
‼️ Warning & Disclaimer ‼️

It’s a community group and pleases contribute to discussions! While we try to answer all questions in a timely manner but never expect an SLA-bound answer. Use suggestions and advice provided in the forum judiciously. Members can’t be held responsible for any issues arising out of the execution of steps in production.

If you break the rules, you may get banned from the group.

For those new, to AzureDevOpsPro we recommend you refer to our old AzureDevOpsPro Archive.

Hope you enjoy your stay 🙂

Thank you!
AzureDevOpsPro Community Core Team